Public Address System Wiring and Settings

As most commercial tannoy speakers come with adjustable wattage settings (multi-tapped transformer) it is possible to adjust a speaker to suit its location. More often than not, a speaker only needs a small amount of power in a quiet location such as an office and a moderate amount in a warehouse. Always try to keep back as much power as you can by keeping tappings as low as you can in order to do the job, then if you need to adjust one speaker "UP" there is headroom in the system to do it without problem.

Speaker transformers come in many shapes and sizes depending upon the type of speaker and manufacturer but all generally offer options on their wattage settings.

Some speakers have adjustable tappings which are changed by a rotary switch on the rear of the speaker, these are generally found in horn and projection types.

Regardless of the appearance or format of the speaker and transformer arrangement, a minimum of three or more wattage adjustments will be available.