Advantages of 100v Line Public Address

Systems can now be easily developed with multiple loudspeakers to cover a larger area wired in a simple parallel arrangement to each other and back at the amplifier output (which is usually marked Common & 100v). Speakers do not need to be wired back to the amplifier individually unless they are wired into separate speaker zones.

In the above system, each speaker (which is of the same size and type) can be adjusted to a level to suit its location by the transformer setting. However in some systems there is a need for a bigger differential between speaker volumes to cope with various background noise levels. In instances like this, different sized speakers may be employed on the same circuit.

In this example, different types and sizes of speaker are wired to the same circuit and adjusted to suit in the same way.

Each speaker draws the amount of power from the amplifier according to its transformer tapping which is set upon installation and commissioning. It is important to note now in this style of system, that the speaker wattages must be added up to produce a total load that the amplifier will have to supply. In 100v systems, the amplifier must be rated higher than the total load of the speakers.